All courses Taught to BSCS, MCS, MIT would lie under this catagory

Course Objectives

This module provides a broad overview of advanced DBMS for postgraduate and undergraduate students. The module has following specific aims:

  1. The Structured Query Language, SQL, is used at an advanced level with emphasis on real world commercial SQLs. A relational database is created and maintained using SQL and SQL procedural language.
  2. Create logical and physical 3rd normal form entity models.
  3. Define and maintain a database using SQL and a DBMS interface
  4. Design database objects using SQL procedural language.
  5. Identify the roles and the responsibilities of a database administrator with respect to the maintenance and security of a database server

Course Coverage

Key topics included in this course are as follows:

  1. Advance Functions & quries
  2. Store Procedures
  3. Triggers
  4. Transactions in Database
  5. Deadlocks
  6. Error/Exception Handling
  7. Storage Backup
  8. Object Oriented Database
  9. Concurrency Control